Cheval 6: The Terry Hetherington Award Anthology 2013

Cheval 6 presents a selection of the writing submitted by the talented young entrants to this year’s Terry Hetherington Award, and includes new work by previous winners.Some of these writers are appearing in print for the first time; others have already begun to make their mark on the literary scene.

The Terry Hetherington Award aims to encourage and promote young and emerging writers. Profits from the sale of the anthology help to fund the following year’s award.

Cheval 6 (Parthian, 2013)

But there was no time to think. The sun was already down, which left his skin exposed and licked of heat even with his polo shirt buttons done up to the top. He walked back down the street, counting the houses on the way. Down the alley at the back he found the door to his own garden, dark as the rest under the orange cordial of the Tremorfa sky. Maybe she would leave through the front door at the same time and then he wouldn't have to deal with her until the morning.