Cheval 7: The Terry Hetherington Award Anthology 2014

The seventh edition of the Cheval anthology presents the 2014 Terry Hetherington Award-winning poetry and prose entries. The Terry Hetherington Award aims to encourage and promote young and emerging writers. The respected former Welsh poet, short story writer and Academi Member Terry Hetherington passed away in 2007. The bursary was first awarded in 2008. A charitable trust, it is funded by the Neath Poets and Pints night, and recently qualified for a Lottery grant. Profits from the sale of the anthology will help to fund the following year's award.

Things that Make the Heart Beat Faster

When you forgets how to speak, and you forgets your own name, and the fact you ever had a name, and that you're a human being, and you're inside some body, and that there is a real life outside your swede somewhere, you know you've taken something you thought was something else. And when you finds the answers to life, when you finds the answer to love and death, when you discovers why we're all here, and when you forgets it all two seconds later, you knows you're in trouble. Cos ketamine might seem like a good idea when you're raving in some random field at 6am with 45k of sound booming, but it ain't no fun when you're by yourself on a Tuesday night.