Cheval 5: The Terry Hetherington Award Anthology 2012

The fifth edition of the Cheval anthology presents the 2012 Terry Hetherington Award-winning poetry and prose entries. The Terry Hetherington Award aims to encourage and promote young and emerging writers. The respected former Welsh poet, short story writer and Academi Member Terry Hetherington passed away in 2007. The bursary was first awarded in 2008. A charitable trust, it is funded by the Neath Poets and Pints night, and recently qualified for a Lottery grant. Profits from the sale of the anthology will help to fund the following year's award.

The Tea Party

James wants to tell her that he shouldn't have shouted, and that he likes it that he gets mugs of sweet tea from her. He loves it that he gets his sandwiches made every morning before he goes off to the depot.
But there's nothing he can do except hold the warm leather of her hand.
Nothing he can do but smooth the spare skin around her wrist.
Nothing he can do but watch her, as she looks out the window at the concrete shelter outside