A Fiction Map of Wales

Over the past two years, Wales Arts Review has published a brand new story each month. Many of the pieces in this anthology are by some of the best-known and most significant Welsh or Wales-based authors currently writing today. The stories cover a wide range of emotional, social and political themes.

The Visit

You tells your spar how you’d not long woken up that afternoon. Mumma is downstairs and you’re just weighing up some contraband in case you has to go on a mission. There’s a knock at the door so you goes down and answers it. Straight away you wishes you hadn’t cos there waiting on the street is Evo Lynch. And seeing that scum with the teardop under his eye and the scars around his neck don’t half make you have to brace your knees. But even if you had ignored the knock, Mumma’s always got the telly on extra loud when she tidies up so he probably woulda heard the screaming domestic on the chat show she’s half-watching anyway.